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From the diaries: Dorrell becoming the football version of Steve Lavin. -N

Bruin football really begins with Coach Spaulding

He's got a field named after him because he's the first "real" football coach.
His predecessors (Cozens, Trotter, & Cline) collectively coached for six years, and went 6-29-4.
So Bruin football really begins in 1925 with Spaulding.

From then through now UCLA has played 856 football games.

Here are all the losses (there are only 9 of them) by 40 or more points:

Spaulding 1925, 82 points (0-82) to Stanford
Spaulding 1929, 76 points (0-76) to USC
Spaulding 1929, 57 points (0-57) to Stanford
Spaulding 1930, 52 points (0-52) to USC
Toledo 1999, 48 points (7-55) to Oregon St.
Dorrell 2005, 47 points (19-66) to USC
Horrell 1940, 41 points (0-41) to Washington
Prothro 1970, 41 points (20-61) to Washington
Horrell 1943, 40 points (7-47) to March Field Army Air Base

The Bruins have played USC 75 times.
This was the third worst beating in the series.

It was the third most points given up from Spaulding (1925) until now, and the worst in 75 seasons.
1925, 82 to Stanford
1929, 76 to USC
2005, 66 to USC

That's KD setting records, in two of his last three games

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