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Cautious optimism

Saturday was a fun game to watch and we all have to feel pretty good about our hoops team so far, but still as Bisheff points out, we need to be cautious in our optimism:

The Pac-10 might be more competitive than most think, judging from a Washington team that easily dispatched New Mexico, 81-71, in the opener of the Classic on Saturday.

The unbeaten Huskies already have beaten Gonzaga, among others, so you know they're good.

But so is UCLA.

"It's the best team we've seen so far," Nevada's Fazekas said. "It probably will be the best team we play all year."

If Howland ever can get Shipp and Aboya to contribute significant minutes, that might be true.

In the coach's third year, the Bruins might finally be ready to turn the corner.

Assuming, of course, that Farmar doesn't turn any more ankles.
Still lot of ifs our there. Once Jordan gets totally healthy and we get Shipp, Aboya, and Mata back, we should be allright.