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Mired in mediocrity ... LA style

Just discovered a pretty cool blog LAist that chimes in on everything related to LA, and found this take on UCLA. According them UCLA under Dorrell, UCLA is still in flux:

With a team in flux like UCLA is, you look for signs... something that lets one see what type of team they have. Two things in particular strike us as we look back.

1. Lack of defense.For any team to compete, you need to at least have the ability to give the other team problems on the defensive end. Whether it be stopping the run or a super secondary you need to be able to make stops. UCLA has lacked that ability for as long as we care to remember. That is a disturbing trend, and one that showed its ugly head prominently in the Bruins two crushing defeats.

2. Post season slumps.UCLA has lost four of their last five bowl games and six of their last ten. They haven't won the Rose Bowl since 1986... '86?!?!? That sorry post-season history is another major reason why the Bruins can't be taken seriously as contenders. You have to actually WIN something to be considered a player.

Is the coach to blame for the mess? The AD? We don't think it matters at this point. But as we head into yet another game (Sun Bowl) against another high powered offense (the high scoring Northwestern Wildcats), lets hope that the team can show some real signs of life, instead of signs of the same old same old.
Again, so much for all the talk of firing out we heard three years ago:

Photo:via LAist
Dorrell at his hiring press conference giving a preview of his brand of EXCITEMENT he would usher into Westwood

Northwestern is going to be a tough game. They have an explosive offense which could go nutts against Larry Kerr's pop warner Bruin defense. So much to look forward to the excitement of the Viagra Bowl.