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Trojan liars ....

Of course Trojan bloggers are out in full force spinning the embarrassing incident involing their ball room dancer when allegedly he groped some young woman and in turn got slapped by her. Trojans are saying it never happened.  Here is the account according to Inside USC, referencing some CNNSI sportswriter named Arash Markazi:

"I saw her," said Markazi. "He didn't do anything wrong. And there was no slapping."

Markazi said it would have been impossible for the incident described to occur without everyone knowing something happened. "If Matt Leinart got slapped, there would have been a scene. There would have been a big commotion."

Markazi said that it was actually Leinart who was under assault all night. "Once everyone found out he was there, they all swarmed."
Sure Arash. You see there is one little problem here. Arash is a Trojan alum, a former writer for the Daily Trojan, and nothing but a shill for USC propoganda machine. Of course he is going to stick up for his alma mater. Can you trust a product of the Killer (that is the Juice for those newbie bandwagoners claiming to be biggest Trojan fans) to have any kind of integrity?  We don't.  At first I was going to dismiss this. But now judging by the dishonest spin, I can totally see Leinart doing something like this. Wouldn't be surprising for someone who took part in a Victoria Seceret party earlier in the season.