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Lute Olson: fighting is just like getting a speeding ticket ...

UPDATED 2:45 pm:Nice. Another Bruin blog has picked up on this story, and is rightly calling out Lute and his Mildcats as a pathetic and desperate program.

Some program will never have any class. Lute Olson is starting is senior guard Hassan Adams even after he got arrested for being involved in a fight/argument during a huge campus melee. According to the Viagra coach, fighting is just like getting a speeding ticket (emphasis mine):

Arizona senior guard Hassan Adams, the leading scorer for the Wildcats (Not ranked in ESPN/USA Today poll; No. 24 AP), will be in the starting lineup Saturday at Utah despite being arrested last weekend and cited for disturbing the peace.

"I think in this country, the legal system is you are innocent until you are proven guilty unless you are an athlete," Wildcats coach Lute Olson said Wednesday. "I'm not the least bit concerned about what happened. What he is charged with is similar to you getting a speeding ticket."

Adams was arrested Sunday after an early morning incident outside his apartment complex here.

Some 200 people were in the parking lot about 2 a.m. and a party apparently erupted into fighting along with drinking and dancing on cars, according to Tucson police.

Adams reportedly became involved in an argument between a woman and her former boyfriend.

Police said Adams was ticketed and released after he refused to leave when officers told him to go home.
Yes OJ was innocent too ... and so was Ray Lewis. Yeah, Hassan was just hanging out like a innocent wallflower at wild campus party where people were getting loaded and jumping around on cars like bunch of thugs. He was totally innocent just baited into an "argument" involving another woman and her former boyfriend. Yeah, this sounds like getting a speeding ticket while cruising up the PCH!

So Lute doesn't bother suspending or even considering benching his star senior even though he should have known better not getting involved. Then again ... this is University of Arizona ... a glorified community college in a retirement community dressed up as a "university." We expect nothing less from trailer trash like old Lute who will do anything to win some basketball games.