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Living in a bubble ...

Don't mean ruin the good vibes from our hoops team, but we do have to unfortunately talk a little about football.  The football season is not over, and we are still reading stories that can only lead you to think people who are in charge of this program are living in some kind of weird bubble. We are less than two weeks away from our highly anticipated viagra Bowl, and apparently everyone is getting all fired up in practice!:

With many key recruits in attendance on the last weekend before the NCAA implements a period during which in-person contact is prohibited, UCLA had a couple of heated skirmishes.

"It was fun out there with guys flying around getting fired up," running back Maurice Drew said about the Bruins, who will face Northwestern in the Sun Bowl on Dec. 30. "You get angry when you get beat."
Well it's a little late for getting all fired up. Getting all fired up on a Saturday after the finals week is nice and all, but it is not going to make the stench of 19-66 go away any time soon. And, apparently it seems like that loss didn't bother Dorrell all that much (emphasis mine):
"It's going to take a little bit for us to get back into a groove with the pads on and getting that type of work in, but I was very pleased with the effort today."
WTF? What "groove" is he talking about? So I guess KD considers losing, check that getting embarrassed/humiliated or ass raped 2 out last 3 regular season games as being in a "groove"? What kind of world is he living in? What is he smoking? That's hell of a bubble they have built around the program in Morgan Cetner and Spaudling field ... a bubble in which giving up almost 50 points a game in last 3 games of the season is spund as being in a groove. Also check out Dorrell's picture after the practice in another access-driven subscription based website. The dude is smiling ear to ear with no signs of pain or anger less than 2 weeks removed from one of the worst losses against USC in the history of UCLA football. Just pathetic, kind of disgraceful to be honest.