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Attitude of mediocrity ... the Dorrellian state of mind

Well KD seems to be hard at work in trying to sweep that 19-66 under the rug.  He is talking about that "different attitude" BS again:

"What's different is our attitude going into this game," said Dorrell about the 17th-ranked Bruins, who will play Northwestern in the Sun Bowl on Dec. 30. "It's so much different than it was before. We've accomplished a lot, and we feel good about the progress that we've made in the program."
Well we have heard this nonsense in last three years.  The only attitude I see coming from this football program that it relishes mediocrity. After 3 years, Dorrell is 21-15.  18 of the 21 wins have come against teams with 6 or more losses.

The three other wins (all this year):

7-4 Oklahoma
7-4 Cal
6-5 ASU (Assuming they'll beat Rutgers in their bowl game, and stay at "only" five losses)

HT to McCloskey

Yes ... Dorrell has sure changed the attitude of this program. Everyone seems to be happy with being a Boise State/WAC level program in Westwood, beating up shitty football teams (check that eeking out wins over shitty football teams). Certainly no one seems to be all upset about losing to SC for 7 years in a row and be nowhere close to their level of competiton.  Yeap, Dorrell has ushered in a new era/attitude of being happy and content with being bunch of lovable losers nowhere close to a New Year's bowl.  Guess we can call that Dorrellian!