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Predator ...

Well I wish whoever did this spelled "Coliseum" correctly and perhaps stick no. 21 or no. 14 on the predator, but regardless, uhm wow. Check it out via Bruinzone

[UPDATED 10:28 pm ET]: Might as well include a slice of this (from last year):

[I] want destruction! I want carnage, annihilation, atrocity and desolation! I want armageddon and apocalypse! I want war crimes. I want a CIA mind control program that makes our defensive linemen believe that Leinart killed their mothers. And, I want them not to be fed for two days and told that Leinart has an In&Out double cheeseburger, "animal style," in his pads.

I want an experimental bio-feedback therapy that has the secondary so adrenaline-wired that 'SC's players will seem like they are going in slow-motion. I want 'SC's receivers to take hits so hard that loyal Bruins will be playing catch the Trojan helmet in the student seats.

I want an offense that moves downfield as inexorably as a 400-foot, volcano-inspired tsunami sweeping away Kyoto. I want our skill players to be as efficient and relentless as the Terminator in the first movie.

I want to descend upon the Trojans as if God had finally unleashed His Righteous Wrath upon the abyss of evil and corruption that is 'SC's F!ing campus and let fly His Avenging Angels!

I. WANT. AN. UTTER. PURE. LIQUIDATION. OF. THE. F!ING. TROJANS (spit). A Smiting that has not been visited upon this world since the Tower of Babel.

Epic rant. Less than 20 hours to go.