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Tom Penders = Assclown (updated)

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So I have been staying away from commenting on this assclown Tom Penders, the current head coach of Houston Cougers. Apparently Penders was taking shots at Howland for not responding to his requests for scheduling a game with Houston. Here is Greg Doyel from CBS Sportsline giving the lowdown:

Penders wants UCLA and Houston to schedule a rematch of their 1968 showdown, when Lew Alcindor and Elvin Hayes helped fill up the Astrodome.

Penders also wants to recruit in Los Angeles, and playing a home-and-home series with the Bruins would help. UCLA coach Ben Howland isn't interested in helping Penders build his program. Imagine that.

Howland turned down Penders' overtures, and so Penders took a shot at Howland in the Times, saying, "So many people just want to protect their own little nests and have a fool-the-fan mentality."

Good line, Turnaround Tom. But then, he's full of good lines (among other things).

Penders might want to be careful with that mouth of his. With his track record, too much attention might be a bad thing.
And that Penders "track record" Greg is referring to:
[P]enders' reputation was badly tarnished when he left Texas after the 1997-98 season amid accusations he anonymously released the grades of Longhorns player Luke Axtell after Axtell announced he was transferring to Kansas.

Three years later, Penders resigned at George Washington as the NCAA investigated misuse of telephone cards by players.
What a pathetic, corrupt assclown this guy is.  And apparently he is a worse coach. His team just lost to South Alabama in its first game after making the top-25. ROFL. JD has more thoughts on the College Hoops Moron of the Year in his Bruin Hoop Scoop. Idiot. I have nothing else to add on this loser.

UPDATED 1:24 pm EST:Thanks to the guys at BON for pointing us to this Texan take on the Houston assclown:
When I first met Tom Penders over 15 years ago, I was impressed by his relaxed and friendly attitude. He was a basketball writer?s dream - quotable, talkative, forthcoming. And it didn?t hurt that at the time he was helping jazz up a lousy basketball league (the Southwest Conference).

Since that first meeting, Penders has gone from being Texas? coach to George Washington?s coach to a television/radio analyst to being Houston?s coach.

During that journey, I?ve figured out that Penders speaks for effect. That all he is concerned about is advancing his own self-serving agenda. And it?s all about Tom. Penders fooled me for a few years but now I?m old enough to know better.
BTW one more note on this. Did you notice assclown Penders fit in so nicely at ESPN? Kind of a perfect cynergy over there at Bristol where they collect all the reject assclown fired coaches who are "quotable, talkative, forthcoming" and fit in oh so well with those blowhard gasbags like DUKE Vitale, Katz, Gottlieb. Hmmm .. who am I thinking of here?:

Can someone help me out on this?