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A Very Merry Bruin Christmas (and Happy Holidays) to the Nation ...

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Bruins get ready for the Holidays (and for the Pac-10) by crushing Sacamento St 86-56. The most encouraging part of this easy win - a breakout night by Aboya. Now if the kid can keep it together, he along with Ryan Wright and Mata can definitely help alleviate concerns re. our bigs. Let's see how it turns out when we come out against Stanford next week. Time for all of us to enjoy the week.

Merry XMas to everyone who bleeds blue and gold. Depsite that 19-66 thing it's been an awesome few months here for Odysseus, Ajax, yours truely, and all the bloggers here on BN. Things are looking up in BruinsNation. Our traffic keeps going up by the day. Comments are streaming in and we are having fun going back and forth on everything ranging from the underachievement of our football program to renaissance of UCLA basketball. Sometimes we don't agree, but at end we all bleed blue and gold:

Bruin Santa came from here

With our basketball program in place we have so much to look forward to going into 2006. Let's hope Santa brings Howland, Jordan/AA all the intangibles so that they can bring home Banner no. 12 before those two leave Westwood. Oh ... and a Merry X mas to KD and his troops too. Hopefully they will bring us 9 wins and a that win in the last regular season game in 2006. We can hardly wait.