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High on Howland ...

Looks like we are not the only one happy with the job Coach Howland has done so far this season. We are off to our best start since 1994-95 (ahead of my pre-season expectations), and may be - just may be primed for a special season (emphasis mine):

Four years ago, the Bruins would have lost games like Michigan where they got behind on the road early and close games against Albany and Wagner as well.

No doubt about it. This isn't ex-coach bashing. Just the plain truth.


Howland has instilled a toughness in the program. This is evidenced not only by his coaching style but by his recruiting. Arron Afflalo, Howland's first big recruit, is as tough a collegiate guard you'll find. Farmar is unflappable under pressure and will not let the Bruins lose without a fight. The post men, although still raw, are wider and tougher than in previous years.

This is Howland's simple formula for success. Tough defense. Tough players. And if he has the personnel to run - he will have the offense run. This year's team is dominated by excellent perimeter players and thus Howland wants the Bruins to push the ball up the court at every opportunity. Howland knows the team's best offense is in the transition.

The Pac-10 will bring tough games every night for the Bruins, but the Bruins are set for a special season.
What a difference a competent/good coach makes in a program? It is fun to be all fired up and look forward to upcoming conference game (in contrast to the vibes coming from the football program). Is it Thursday yet? GO BRUINS.