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Haircair product bowl

Back into swing of things. Seems like our server were down over the weekend ... but I am sure none of you missed us much. This will be a busy week in Westwood. A huge basketball game this week against Stanford. I mean huge. Yes, Furd is a little down right now. But they will be up for the Bruins. And for UCLA winning this game against Stanford at Pauley is a must. We haven't beaten those guys at Pauley since 1996. A 9 year streak of humiliation started and cemented by Steve Douchebag Lavin. It looks like Coach Howland finally has all the guns to end this streak, which will be a significant milestone on the road to renaissance of UCLA basketball. I will try to write more on that game later this week.

Meanwhile, Dorrell and his troops are getting fired up for our Vidal Sasson bowl against a mediocre team from the Big-10, which is basically UCLA's twin brother from the Midwest (read - good offense and a shitty defense). And for the umpteenth time our defensive guys are talking about redemption:

"We have to show we're not a joke," senior safety Jarrad Page said. "We looked like a joke in that (USC) game. We've got to win. The 'SC game is whatever. We have to throw that away. We don't look back."
lol Yeah, the SC game is "whatever." Sure Jarrad.  Nice to know that getting destroyed at the hands of its crosstown rival doesn't bother our players all that much. Even the French put up a better defense against the Germans than what Page and his boys did back on December 3rd. Well let's hope Page and co. can get their redemption against a team, which as mentioned above is similar to UCLA:
The 17th-ranked Bruins have the nation's seventh-best offense at 38.1 points a game. But UCLA also gives up 34 points and 458 yards a game.

Northwestern has the nation's eighth-best passing offense at 492.7 yards a game. But the Wildcats also give up 32.5 points and 462.9 yards.

"It seems like we're in the same boat," said Northwestern running back Tyrell Sutton, Big Ten Conference freshman of the year. "They definitely have a high-powered offense ... with an excellent back in Maurice Drew, and an excellent quarterback in Drew Olson. But they also have a low-ranked defense."
Keep in mind - ASU destroyed this Northwestern team in Evanston. So it will be telling how UCLA comes out on Friday.

Oh ... by the way UCLA got a committment on the recruiting trail this past week. A JUCO OL, who was not one of the big targets UCLA hosted during its big recruiting weekend litte more than a week ago. In any event, a big Bruin welcome to Nick Ekbatani, a three star recruit who picked UCLA over Miami because he was impressed with Ben Olson's religious background:
"Ben played a big role in my decision," Ekbatani said. "He's a Mormon. I'm a Christian. We share the same beliefs. He's a great guy. It's nice to have a great connection with the leader of your offense. I thought Miami's quarterback, Kyle Wright, was great, too."
Let's hope for Ben and Nick - touchdown Jesus can show up in powder blue and gold against USC next season. They are going to need all of Him, for the sake of the credibility of their head coach and his mediocre football program. GO BRUINS.