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Sorry guys for the blog being down for a while this am.  The server was being switched by SBNation folks and there was a glitch. But it's all good now.  I am ready for 4:30 pm EST.  I can't read any more articles. I couldn't watch the USC Informercial aka "ESPN GameDay," right after the point Herbsheet was spewing his nonsense of Bruins running their mouth. Uhm Herbie must have missed Cock's comments from earlier this week. Anyway ... it's on. Here is a pic from last time we won at that hellhole under no. 18:

Let's hope DO plays like CADE today.

Photo Credit: ESPN/AP

I am heading out in a bit to watch the game at the local UCLA bar. We are expecting about 200 alums 2000 miles away from home. Let's hope the night turns out to be a night in our blue heaven. Consider this open thread ... GO BRUINS. BEAT SC.