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Hair Care Product Bowl

UPDATED 2:43 pm EST:: So much for being excited about this bowl game. Unbelievable.

UPDATED (9 mins before kickoff):Those boys over at EDSBS have their own preview of our "bowl game." Here is a sample:

Name: Vitalis Sun Bowl.

Motto: ?Vitalis: It?s What Makes Grampa Spiffy!?

Intrusive Corporate Sponsor: Vitalis. Yes, the same shit Grampa put in his hair. Vitalis is evidently in the middle of a radical rebranding: a visit to the site doesn?t reveal a picture of a nattily dressed, distinguished older man in a cardigan, but instead a multi-paneled portrait of a nearly naked , 16-year-oldwoman (the second wife?) and the Vitalis logo, as if Vitalis were attempting to go from ?Early Bird Buffet Ladykiller Hair salve? to ?AXE Body Spray for the Dockers Crew.? Good luck with that.

Tradition Rating: 1935?wow. Unprecedented territory for our tradition ratings. What happened in 1935..lessee?Mussolini invades Ethiopia? Maybe good to describe yesterday?s Emerald Bowl, but not useful here?AA is founded? No, but perhaps appropriate for the Alamo Bowl and Michigan fans thereafter?.how about the Dust Bowl? A swirling cataclysm of chaos obscuring all sight and engulfing whole fields? Yes, that sounds like the defenses we?ll see here. Therefore we give the Sun Bowl a tradition rating of: Dust Bowl.

LMAO. I am so EXCITED! Are you?!

I am still jazzed about hoops from last night, but we do have a football game today. You gotta read the CFR preview (well you should review CFR everyday, if you are CFB fan/junkie). Here are the numbers on the nerds from Big-10:

* #27 rush offense (195.9 yards/game, 5.0 yards/carry)
* #10 pass offense (296.8 yards/game, 7.4 yards/attempt, 20 TD/7 INT, 63.8% completions) and a #33 pass efficiency ranking
* #32 scoring offense (31.8 points/game)
* #102 scoring defense (32.5 points/game)
* #109 rush defense (209.7 yards/game, 5.1 yards/carry)
* #106 pass defense (273.2 yards/game, 7.5 yards/attempt, 17 TD/17 INT, 59.1% completions) and a #74 pass efficiency defense ranking
* #19 turnover margin (0.73, +8) Gained: 9 fumbles and 17 interceptions. Lost: 11 fumbles and 7 interceptions

And here are ours:

* #54 rush offense (147.1 yards/game, 4.2 yards/carry)
* #19 pass offense (281.9 yards/game, 8.5 yards/attempt, 31 TD/3 INT, 64.9% completions) and a #3 pass efficiency ranking
* #7 scoring offense (38.1 points/game)
* #107 scoring defense (33.8 points/game)
* #117 rush defense (238.6 yards/game, 5.4 yards/carry)
* #62 pass defense (218.9 yards/game, 7.1 yards/attempt, 17 TD/6 INT, 60.4% completions) and a #86 pass efficiency defense
* #24 turnover margin (0.64, +7) Gained: 13 fumbles and 6 interceptions. Lost: 9 fumbles and 3 interceptions

You can also get the So. Cal rags previews of the game here (LAT) and here (DN). Oh and apparently Dorrell has been whining again. He just needs to keep his trap shut and win football games that acutally matter. Today would be a good day to start. This is an open thread.