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Happy New Year

So we won yesterday, which is cool. Congratulations are in order for seniors like the Olson, Lewis, Page et al, who gave us some good memories this year in some great comebacks (against not so great teams). It's a good thing to end the season on a positive note as opposed to the disasters of last two years' bowl games. It's not like the standards (of Dorrell minions) are very high in Westwood.  Our 10-2 record is nice and all, but any self respecting Bruin alum should not forget about what happened to the reputation of our alma mater on December 3rd. That's a scarlet letter KD is not going to be able to do away with some come from behind "thrilling" win over a nerd school from the Big-10. Simmers (no matter how much he gets under your skin as a Bruin fan) has this cold dose of reality:

A win, though, is a win, and UCLA just beat mighty Northwestern, which is known for attracting smart people, and which just played the team with the worst rushing defense in all of college football, and threw the ball 70 times.

Despite such foolishness, they tell me this is big, because UCLA has now won 10 games, and that's happened only seven times in school history -- primarily because the NCAA allowed teams to only play 11 games for many years. But details, details, although I'm guessing USC spends more time counting its national titles than 10-win seasons.

The fact is, the Bruins might have won 11 games this season had they not tanked against Arizona, and I'm pretty positive about that.

They also might have only won nine games this season had they not played such a mediocre bowl opponent in Northwestern.

I know, I know, I might not sound as enchanted with UCLA's success as I should be, but I have just sat through more than four hours of dropped passes, six fumbles, five interceptions, a pair of unsportsmanlike penalties from UCLA with the game on the line along with a penalty for having too many men on the field. I haven't even mentioned the Northwestern kicker who had a field-goal attempt blocked, missed two extra-point attempts and then attempted an onside kick that was returned for a touchdown, and to prove it was no fluke, did it again -- in exactly the same manner -- a few minutes later.
Yeap ... color me jaded, but I am just as impressed with this 10-2 season, as I were with those Steve-16 runs under Douchebag Lavin. Anyways, we will be writing more about what this "10-2" season really means, and what should be the minimum expectations for next season.

Meanwhile, don't forget we have a hoops game today against California. Here is the preview from Bruin Basketball Report. It should be a very tough game against a solid opponent, but I am expecting (not hoping) for Howland and his troops to pull out a win. Unlike football - we will get to watch a team that is well coached and solidly grounded in fundamentals. Lots to look forward to in hoops in 2006. Time to go out and enjoy the day. Watch the game, have fun tonight, and be safe: