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Positives from Saturday

There aren't many.  But here's a short list.

  1.  Any Blindo talking about "turning the corner", "moral victories", or telling you to "Remember the season fondly" will be laughed at and possibly sent to a mental assylum.
  2.  Anyone with excuses can be told, "look at the scoreboard.  We got destroyed."
We were embarassed, exposed and exploited.  We're 9-2 and both losses have been blowouts.  We can do no better than the Sun Bowl, and frankly, that may be too good for us.  We're just not that good.

The coaching staff was also embarassed, exposed and exploited.

Give Pete Carroll or Charlie Weiss two weeks and they'll come up with a great gameplan.

Give Karl Dorrell three weeks to prepare and you'll end up getting laughed out of town, out of any shot at a decent bowl game, and possibly out of the top 25 (in my mind we're not a top 25 team.  I'm not looking forward to facing Northwesters, I think there's a good chance they drop half a hundred on us too).

All the while "Koach Karl" has the same clueless deer in the headlights expression.

So what's left?  Some progress has been made, I guess, but the coaching staff still isn't ready for primetime or the big time.  We're still a third-class team in the conference that has been blown out by its rival two out of three times and can't get it done in November.

Blindos can remember this season fondly if they want.

As I said before, you have to give the staff some credit for the 9 wins, but the two losses have made it clear that there was a lot of luck involved, as fun as that run may have been.

Bottom line, this year's record should be a minimum baseline for next year, and anything less should be seen as a failure.

One more loss to SC and they will have tied the mark we set in the 90s, one I thought would never be approached.

Another loss to USC is not acceptable.  Another bowl loss is not acceptable.  Another third place or .500 finish is not acceptable.  Another November collapse is not acceptable.

I'm tired of being embarassed to wear my UCLA gear.

So, yeah, I'll say thanks.  Thanks for nothing.