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Coaching like a pansie

Well Kerr needs to be fired when everyone gets back into the office tomorrow. That's the easy call. But Dorrell and his OC Tom Cable have lot to do with yesterday's debacle too.  They coached true to Brandon Hancock's words, like pansies. Here is Simers on Dorrell's lack of courage:

It's one thing to sound dull, quite another to be dull, and Saturday afternoon UCLA football Coach Karl Dullard was apparently the only man in the Coliseum who didn't understand the Bruins had to be as exciting as possible, and score a ton of points to have any chance of hanging with USC.

Dullard not only went conservative, surrendering on the opening series of what was projected to be an offensive shootout, but explained later he was trying to pin down one of the all-time great offenses in NCAA history.

Fourth and five on the USC 35 with the Trojans ahead 3-0 -- a momentum win already for the UCLA defense -- and Dullard sent out his punter, who promptly kicked the ball into the end zone without any attempt to angle it to the sideline.

Now if all the pregame hype was to be believed, the Bruins had five yards of firepower with one of the college game's hottest quarterbacks in Drew Olson, a future NFL star in tight end Marcedes Lewis and a breakaway threat in running back Maurice Drew.

It was a gamble, but the Bruins needed to keep the drive alive and the ball away from USC while building their own confidence. But instead of going for it, Dullard went belly up on his team, electing to play conventional football in a game that demanded the extraordinary from UCLA to have a chance.

That call pretty much told me all I needed to know about Dorrell. The guy is not a winner. Sure we have won 9 games this season, but just take a look how we got to those 9 wins.  We got there by getting 4 "comeback wins" over 3 shitty footballs teams in Washington, Washington State, Stanford, and 1 mediocre/rebuilding Cal team, headed towards Vegas Bowl. Dorrell made it pretty clear he will never have the killer instinct to reestablish UCLA as one of the premiere football programs in the nation. It ain't happening under Dorrell. First he had to fire his OC, now he will have to fire his DC. So you know who will come next. Oh, and just how bad was it yesterday. Here is Dohn with a little historical perspective (emphasis mine):

Word buzzing around UCLA's sideline late in the game was defensive coordinator Larry Kerr's job was in jeopardy after the archrival Trojans rushed for 430 yards, totaled 679 yards of offense despite quarterback Matt Leinart not being sharp, and ran a nearly unfathomable 95 offensive plays.

"You just go out and do your job, do the best job that you can do, and it starts with me on the defense, obviously," said Kerr, in his third year at UCLA. "That's where it starts. It doesn't start with your players. It doesn't start with anything else. It starts with me and it goes from there."

Dorrell opted not to address the topic after the third-worst UCLA loss among the 75 games between the schools. The two more lopsided losses were in 1929 (76-0) and 1930 (52-0), the first two games of the series.

It also was the second-most points USC scored in a series it leads 41-27-7.

It hurts to read those numbers. But we don't have any retort for Hancock's characterization of this football team being made up of bunch of pansies. Our football team played exactly like bunch of pansies yesterday. And, it came directly from their head coach right from that first drive. I am sure Peter Carroll will be happy to cast his COY vote for KD year in and year out. I'd bet he would love to keep KD around just so he can clown him every year. Sickening ...