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Worst 9-2 team in the history of college football?

There are bunch of Dorrell minions running around the internets coming out of their holes to say everything is allright since we won 9 games. What these clowns are forgetting given the miraculous 4 comeback wins we had against 3 shitty and a mediocre team in Ocotber, this team is really nothing better than a 7-4 football team. If you need a reminder, here is Art Spander, columinst from the Bay Area on last Saturday's disgrace:

This game made you believe UCLA is the worst 9-2 team in the history of college football.

Final score: USC 66, UCLA 19, the second-highest point total for the Trojans against the Bruins in their 75 games,from Sports 1

exceeded only by the 76-0 score in 1929, when USC already was a power and UCLA was in its first year in Westwood.

A cross-town rivalry? How about a cross-town rout?
Oh you think that's bad, read on:
"It took him only half a game," Carroll pointed out about Bush's 228 yards and two touchdowns before intermission, "to show he was the best player in the country."

It took USC even less than that Saturday to show 92,000 people at the Coliseum, some of whom paid Stub-Hub up to $2,500 for a $65 face value ticket, UCLA was a fraud. Not that the oddsmakers, who set the spread a 21 points, didn't already know it.

UCLA was supposed to give up yards and points, since it was ranked 115th in rushing defense, but it also was supposed to get them. Yet it was without a touchdown until the final 31/2 minutes.

"All week long we heard about our defense," Carroll chuckled, "how we were (going to have trouble) matching up. Well, we were OK."
If the clowns running this athletic program had one ounce of Bruin pride left, they would have forced Larry Kerry turn in his resignation papers on Monday. Morever it goes beyond Larry Kerr. Kerr will most likely go sooner or later. But the blame of this debacle squarely falls on the shoulder of a head coach with no in-game testacles, and lookling at our online poll on the right, seems like huge portion of BruinsNation agree. KD's apprent award of "COY" is turning out to be a big joke just like Lavin's "COY" award few years ago. Anyways, we are not going to remember 2005 season fondly for all those comeback wins against bunch of shitty football teams. We are going to mark this season by Carroll's 66-19 assraping of Karl Dorrell, exposing his football team perhaps as one of the worst 9-2 team in the history of college football. What a disgrace.