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Firing out ...

UCLA fired Bob Toledo to bring in Koach Karl. Let's summon up Plaschke from three years ago after UCLA got blown out in its season ending game at the Rose Bowl. This is his LA Times column, dated December 8, 2005

What happens now?

Guerrero said Saturday that he is "still evaluating" the coaching position and that he would meet with Toledo early this week.

But if Guerrero is basing his decision on Saturday's game, as many believed he was, then it is no decision at all.

For a second consecutive game, the Bruins faced an opponent they couldn't stop, surrounded by fans who couldn't watch.

The 100 points allowed to USC and Washington State combined is the most given up in consecutive games by a Bruin team in 82 years.

It hasn't been this bad since their first two years of existence, when they lost to such teams as Hollywood High, the USS Idaho and Whittier.

The number of fans leaving the Rose Bowl by the start of the fourth quarter is also surely a two-game record, the Bruins turning a vibrant football treasure into a pale red graveyard.
Sounds pretty familiar doesn't it.  Instead of Wazzu and plug in Arizona and you get 2005.  You get the same listless, demoralizing, asswhipping season ending performances we were getting under Toledo. And remember Toledo was fired, because ... his team was not "firing out." From the same Plaschke column:
There is a phrase Dan Guerrero has used to describe what he likes to see in his teams.

"Fire out," he says. "I like to see them fire out."

On a day the Bruins rushed for only 79 yards and committed four turnovers, about the only time anybody really fired out was when senior tackle Mike Saffer blatantly hammered a Cougar defender about five seconds after the whistle, leading to a personal foul and brief benching.


It might seem silly to fire an engaging coach and smooth recruiter whose team is young and whose only crime may be that he is too nice.

Then again, it's football.
Looks like KD is guilty of the same crime. He is probably a engaging coach (hey he always keeps M&Ms on his desk so he can lounge around with his players and develop football 101!) and a good recruiter, but this is football. It's cool that he is nice, too nice, but it's not fun to see our Bruins getting destroyed by our crosstown rivals in two out of his three years. Sounds like the same old song and dance of UCLA football program not "firing out."