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Welcome Bruin Nation

REPOST (6/21) - Welcome to all Dailykos visitors! For all of you we wanted to repost our first post on BruinsNation, which we launched last Thursday. Help us get the word out.

Welcome everyone. This is our very first post on this brand new blog. We started out over at FireKarlDorrell, where we had been posting during last few months covering all angles of major UCLA sports (football and hoops) and other stuff. And, we have grown lot bigger than just a single issue blog, which we started intially around our incompetent head football coach. We will still be linking back to lot of our archived material from the old site, while we post latest material on this site. If you have any questions, comments, feedbacks please click on the comment link below and post your thoughts. If you are curious about our site here is some prelim. FAQ, and here is a quick FAQ on how blogs work, which we previously posted on FKD.

We realize lot of KD's minions will try to portray us as bunch of "haters." LOL Yeah we have heard this term before. We heard it incessently back in the Lavin days. First, we are sure Karl Dorrell is a very nice man (well when he is not in Vegas I guess). Anyways by all accounts KD seems like a good guy (in public). But that does not change the fact that he should be fired for being the worst coach in the history of UCLA football. In all fairness, he probably should never have been hired, so it's not entirely fair to blame Coach Dorrell's failures entirely on him.

One of our main goals here on BruinsNation is to restore our alma mater's football tradition. If KD cannot beat SuC and win the Pac-10 , he needs to go. Period.

So welcome again.

We will have lot more on KD, UCLA football, basketball, everything Bruin related in the upcoming days. So stay tuned ... visit early and visit often.

Go Bruins.