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Why get upset with Pom Pom Carroll's big mouth?

Some folks on Bruin message boards are upset today about the latest nonsense from Pom Pom Carroll:

Here is an exerpt from a speech given by USC Football Coach Pom Pom Pete to a USC Football Support Group in Pasadena:

And that "Our philosophy is to play in the Rose Bowl every year. That is our goal. And every other year we go there to play UCLA. This year was my fault. Just like the OSU game in 2003, I'm not preparing our guys for that final game of the season before we go to a national championship game. I'm letting the event take over their readiness. I have to prepare the team better. And that pisses me off too. UCLA got close, and they still think they won. They thought they won so greatly, they went out and lost to Eastern Montana State."

"Pom Pom Pete" forgot to mention that the Guest of Honor at the USC Football Support Group Function was "The Referee From the USC vs. UCLA Football Game. (i.e. UCLA wins 31-26 if Havner's TD after recovering Bush's fumble is not taken away by the Referee; If you review the tape,Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts agree).

I hope that this quote from Pom Pom goes up on the UCLA Football Bulletin Board. The Bruins come alive in 2005!!!

Uhmmm ...okay. What's the big deal here really? Is that kind of smack intolerable? Of course it is. But, do they have the goods to run smack all over us in Southland? Of course they do. They own us. They own the world of college football right now. They have owned us for last six years. They have earned the right to run ruthless smack. And, yes it will probably come to haunt Peetie some day (when we get a decent football coach). But for now no matter how much we want to celebrate meaningless moral victories, the fact of the matter is we are nowhere close to competing with USC. But who is to blame for that? Pom Pom? Uhm ...nope.

As insufferable as Pom Pom and the arrogant Trojans are, the real culprit here is Karl Dorrell, who is leading (if you can call Dorrell's coaching as "leading") the Bruin Football to a world occupied by Mountain West calliber football programs of the world. Oh wait ... we can't even beat those teams when we take them head on in actual bowl games. Again, I understand, why Bruins would be upset with Pom Pom, but we should be directing our outrage and public pressure on Dorrell for his two years of clueless incompetence, and put all out public pressure on him to get it done this year. Otherwise, he will need to hit the road and go back to being some faceless, nameless, irrelevant assistant to assitant coach somewhere else.