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Hot rumors flying around Oregon boards (w/ potential impact on Bruin hoops)

I can care less about Oregon Ducks.  Sure they have had a decent football program over last few years, and some flash in the pan success in hoops (during the Lavin era, when rest of the Pac was getting fat with talented recruits at our expense).  But I have never looked at them as an athletic powerhouse.  They really owe one man for all their recent success - their sugar daddy - Phil Knight.  There was lot of bruhahaha couple of years ago when we lost prized recruit Malik Hairston to Grace Jones, aka Oregon head coach Ernie Kent.  Well according to the rumors flying around Oregon, Kansas boards, Grace has some issues he is addressing right now:

The rumor is that Kent had a series of affairs over the years that are now highly embarassing to the university for a number of reasons. One of which is Kent is apparently a guy who makes a big deal in recruiting about what a standup guy he is, what a clean program he runs, and how he'll take care of your son. So now the rumors are out there and the kids and more importantly their parents are wondering what the hell is going on.

Kent has also taken some heat from people who think he's favoring his son Jordan over other players both in terms of bullying other players but not Jordan, and in terms of playing time.

Apparently Taylor and Hairston are considering leaving if Kent isn't fired, no idea about other kids.

So what do these rumors concerning Ernie's zipper have anything to do with Bruin hoops? Well take a look, from a poster on Bruinzone:
Just found out that the problems at Oregon have nothing to do with on-court play. They are solely because of the conduct of the coach. Apparently he's a real dictator who treats the players like garbage. They can't stand him and simply don't want to play for him. That's only one issue. What we've found is that the coach just can't stay at home, if you know what I mean. It's been going on for a long time.

It appears that the only way Oregon will be able to stop the bleeding (preventing players from leaving) will be for the coach to resign. Because of the moral part of the equation, that will probably be how it goes down. He wouldn't want to risk public admonition by getting fired.

If Howland wants another guard, seriously look for Bryce Taylor to land at UCLA. And I wouldn't be surprised if high UCLA recruit Maarty Leunen lands at Oregon State. We would love to have him at UCLA, but if he chose Oregon in the first place, it only makes sense that he'd land close to home.

Both players were great as freshmen. I'd take Leunen over Keefe and Budinger in a second. He's a great rebounder with nice offensive skills. Taylor can flat-out shoot, handles it well, and has a sweet overall game. He grew up in our backyard and was a great HS'er to watch.

Think both Taylor and Leunen regret not choosing UCLA in the first place? Lifes lessons don't come cheap.
Again, these are all rumors/message board posts for now FWIW.  So do we want Taylor or Leunen if they want to transfer?  I like what Kawai has to say:
IMO you pass on Leuen and take Taylor. We are already short rides for big men in the next 2 years. There are bigger fish out there that we should target.

As for Taylor, you take him. If you have an opportunity to stack talent you do it. Your recruiting should only take into account whether you are improving your team, not if there is enough PT for everyone. If there isn't, the lesser of the talent will leave. Competition for talent is a good thing.

Besides, by the time Taylor is playing for us in 2 years Affallo will likely be gone. Even if he isn't it gives us a hell of a back up and future senior starter.

I don't think Taylor can play the 3. There is plenty of room at SG for him.
Sounds good to me. By the way for those who are new to the Bruin online sports communities, which have been evolving through the years - Kawai has been one of the more reliable posters, on the money on number of issues ranging from Lavin's total incompetence to opining from the getgo about having zero confidence in Karl Dorrell. He is indeed a card carrying member of the reality based BruinsNation. Anyways, we will keep an eye on this Oregon situation. Sounds interesting to say the least.

Go Bruins.