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Drew Olson not impressed with KD's reign

Sounds like the DO's rehabilitation is coming along nicely, as he has been recovering from knee surgery following the Vegas debacle. The LA Times has an article on Drew's recovery this morning with the usual off-season happy talk. But there are comments from Drew that are pretty revealing. So what does Drew think of KD's two years at UCLA?:

"I don't want any [Bruin player] to go through three years like I've been through," said Olson, who is ahead of schedule in his recovery from surgery for torn anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments. "It's just been unacceptable.

"We've had a few good times but 6-7 and 6-6 in back-to-back seasons is nothing to go home bragging about."
Something the blindos should keep in mind, when they try to glorify KD's two disastrous years with all the non-sense about character building and cleaning out the underbelly.

The article has the requisite comments from Dorrell has the head coach, and as usual he is being Dorrellian, in other words, gibberish. Here is Coach Karl:
"He missed spring because of injury, but he's our incumbent," Dorrell said. "That gives him a great advantage, but he must utilize that."
Wow! Now that is some key information. More from KD:
"There's a lot of speculation about who is going to be the guy, and Drew knows that," Dorrell said. "He knows that there's going to be a lot of competition at the position. The other guys see this as an opportunity to showcase themselves. That's what competition is always about. Each and every year you have to prove yourself why you should be a starter."
Yeah, way to nip a potential quarterback controversy coach. You'd think a coach would firmly stand behind his two year starter during the off-season, when not much is happening. No ... not Dorrell. He needs to give out stupid quotes, which will fester a very uncomfortable quarterback controversy, which is currently brewing near Spaulding Field. And, of course we cannot count on Dorrell to show any kind of leadership, considering how badly he botched the Olson/Moore fiasco, and from all signs, Bruins could be heading towards another disaster with Olson coming back, Koral making a move, hot shot Ben Olsen around the corner, Patrick Cowan lurking by, and a clueless coach with zero leadership skills to show for. In other words, we could be screwed. Thanks KD.