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BruinsNation House Keeping Stuff

So I have gotten some emails on how the FAQ on the right hand side is more suited for our old blog, which was hosted on blogspot. Fair enough.  I will try to write up a complete FAQ specifically tailored for the scoop platform, on which we are hosting this nifty site. But before I do that, I can give you some quickies on how to post comments and more importanly post your own blogs aka diaries, which are appearing on the right hand section of the blog.  Here we go.

How do I post a comment on BruinsNation?
You have to register with the site to post comments. This is to prevent abuse of the diaries by trolls (people who post inflammatory articles just to get an inflamed response, i.e. Trojie a**holes).

To post a comment: find the comment you wish to respond to, then click on "Post a comment" near the bottom of the comment. This will open a new comment box. Put a title for your comment in the title box (many people put "asdf" or "aoeu" as a subtle protest against having to put in a title comment). Put the body of your comment in the large box. Use any html formatting you want to.

How do you post a diary?Again, you will have to register with the site to post comments or diaries. Find the orange box on the right side of the main page titled "Menu." Click on the "new diary entry" link when you get to the diary page.  Give your diary a snappy but appropriate title so that people know what they're getting. A deliberately misleading title is uncool. In addition, a title like "Look at this", "Must read", or "How long has this been going on?" is not very helpful.
Put an introductory paragraph in the "Intro Entry" box. This is the only diary text that will appear on the main diaries page.
Put the bulk of your entry, including any graphs or pictures, in the "Extended Entry" box.

BASIC HTML TAGS: Here is a list of basic html tags.

For more FAQ on how this scoop platform works please click on FAQ for dailykos, which is hosted on scoop. Obviously Kos is in a different ballpark with its astronomical traffic stats.  So different community rules apply there. Things will be a little more relaxed here. Like I said, I will roll out a FAQ specific for this blog, sometime in next few days. Meanwhile, hopefully this information will help, and if you have questions, please post them here on the comment section. Thanks.