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Freddie goes to the heartland ...

One of my favorite UCLA football players of all time, Freddie Mitchell gets a new home.  Yes the haters in Philly (one of the ugliest, dirtiest, grim metropolitan areas of the country) never liked him all that much.  They were and are still all about TO.  But so what - Freddie moves on and signs with - the Kansas City Chiefs:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Chiefs signed free-agent wide receiver Freddie Mitchell Saturday, a month after the Eagles released the troublesome player.

Mitchell was at Chiefs minicamp in street clothes but will begin practicing today, coach Dick Vermeil said.

"We're very happy to have him here and I think he's happy to be here," Vermeil said. "He's in a good frame of mind and his attitude is very good."
I think this could be the perfect situation for him.  Under Dick Vermiel, playing with a great QB in a great offense, featuring an unstoppable running game, well balanced by an efficient passing game, Freddie just may explode out at the Arrowhead.  We wish him best of luck.