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Dad's Day


Thought this was the perfect day to feature this story by Amy Ko from UCLA Today:

They may be UCLA's biggest fans.

For more than 30 years, Ron and Alan Geisler have attended every UCLA football game and many of the campus' other sporting events working part time as ushers for Game Manage ment.

They also happen to be father and son.

Ironically, it all started when a church friend sought people to work a USC football game at the Coliseum.

The Geislers did it and were called back to work a UCLA game at the Coliseum the following Saturday. So the schedule went: They worked a Trojan game one Saturday, followed by a Bruin game the next until one fateful day, after UCLA moved to the Rose Bowl, when the two schools each had a game at their respective stadiums.

That's when the senior Geisler told USC, "The time has come. I can't cut myself down the middle and put one side here and one there. I'm going with UCLA!"
What a great story.  Do you have anything similar to share?  Well post it here.  FWIW ... the day I became an unflinching Bruin loyalist - 1988 - when I was a freshmen in high school - watched Troy Aikman's Bruins crushing the Nebraska Bugeaters at the Rose Bowl.  It was incredible.  And I swore to myself that is where I will end up in college. Anyways, post away if you have good stories to share.  This blog after all is for Ron and Alan Geisler, you, me, us - people who live and die with UCLA sports.

Don't forget to call your Dad - GO BRUINS.