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Dorrellian - Heh

So few weeks ago we did a quick search on ESPN site to look up an article which Ivan Maisel (typical wanker) wrote up on our boy KD, when he was intially hired to turn around Toledo's sunk ship in Westwood. Maisel was gushing! He even coined up the phrase "Dorrellian" to describe our boy wonder head coach. Here are some of the highlights:

LOS ANGELES --When Karl Dorrell played wide receiver at UCLA in the mid-1980s, the coaches created an adjective to describe a player who did everything, from pulling on his socks to executing his assignments, with the precision of a diamond cutter.

"Dorrellian," recalled Homer Smith, the offensive coordinator of those teams. "He was a very exacting player. If you did your job really well, it was Dorrellian."

Dorrellian is back in style in Westwood. After four seasons of running in place under coach Bob Toledo, who followed consecutive 10-2 seasons in 1997-98 with a record of 25-23, the Bruins have a coach who plans to compensate for his lack of head coaching experience with his ability to teach and to lead.
LOL. Dorrellian is back in style all right! To the tune of a losing 12-13 record in last two seasons, regressing upon that mediocre 25-23 record of the previous four years under Bob Toledo. Three more graphs in that Maisel masterpiece that are also pretty interesting:
It may not be true that Dorrell is the only wide receiver who has gone on to become a current I-A head coach. But it's safe to suggest that you could hold a banquet for that group at a drive-thru window. Dorrell couldn't think of any others. It took me five minutes to come up with Bear Bryant. Smith, who's been in the game for five decades or so, thought of Raymond Berry, the former New England Patriots coach.

"Wide receivers are spread out," Smith said. "They are not involved in blocking. They never get the overview. Even a lineman gets an overview."

There's another reason wide receivers haven't been head coaching material. Think, Michael Irvin, Leader of Men. No one ever suggests giving Keyshawn Johnson the damn whistle. Quarterbacks lead. Linemen analyze. Safeties see the whole field. Wide receivers run their routes, block safeties, and if they're smart, run back to the huddle.
Of course the article went on to suggest that Dorrell was different because he learned the system under Homer Smith.

Little did we know that our Dorrellian head coach would forget the existence of the best running back in his roster during the very first game of his collegiate head coaching career. Little did we know that our Dorrellian head coach would FUBAR our TO situation during the biggest game in his second year, costing us down the stretch when we had a chance to put and to the 5 game winning losing streak against USC. Our Dorrellian head coach with his lofty wide receiver pedigree tought so much out on the Spaudling field that talented blue chip wide receivers like Bragg and Perry got picked by NFL teams on the Sunday portion of the draft instead of Saturday. Make sure to read the whole article which ends with this sun shiny predicitons about Dorrell's future as the head coach of UCLA football:
Spring football will begin in a month. The Bruins wide receivers and quarterbacks will meet together. The offense will be divided into two meetings: the running game and the throwing game. For a team that underachieved in each of the last four autumns, the new standard is simple. The Bruins will be expected to be Dorrellian.
LOL. And, we have been so lucky to taste that Dorrellian quility of UCLA football for last two years. We can't hardly wait for the third, by the end of which he will take his Dorrellian act straight on to the sidelines of a community college near you.