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Seeds of an uncomfortable QB controversy?

Per TSN DO's recovery is amazing UCLA trainers:

QB Drew Olson's recovery from an ACL injury he suffered in the Las Vegas Bowl continues to amaze UCLA trainers. Olson, who gradually has moved from straight-ahead running to low-impact cut moves in the past month, now says he will be ready for fall camp. Bruins coach Karl Dorrell says Olson will be the team's starter if he is completely healthy.
Well that's good to hear.  DO is a great kid, and despite his shortcomings for having to learn play ball under one of the worst coaches in the D-1, he has kept his spirits up, and showed class and composure during a nasty and public QB controversy involving Matt Moore (who is now with Oregon State).

We sure hope DO is healthy, and ready to go.  But here is the rub.  We are also hearing (FWIW this is coming from Bruin message board musings) that BO (Ben Olson, UCLA's hot shot incoming frosh recruit), is having a good summer.  So, there could be a really messy QB controversy brewing in Westwood, which Dorrell may have no clue how to handle.  Obviously he doesn't have a good track record considering how badly he failed to provide any leadership while handing the DO/MM situation in his first year.  And, he hasn't really exactly shown that he is capable of improving as all that much posting a back to back 6-7, and 6-6 season.

Things could be really confusing and messy out there in Spaulding field when the guys check into camp at the end of this summer.  I can already sense the feeling of a very uncomfortable QB controversy brewing in Westwood.