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More on our quaterback situation ...

I wrote earlier today how we may have a very uncomfortable quarterback controversy at our hand next year, a situation KD could screw up very easily, considering his horrible track record in showing any kind of steady relationship.  Not only the question on our starting QB is unsettled, according to one of the more prominent poster on Bruin message board, Dorrell has not done much to ameliorate the lack of depth at QB position since he took over at UCLA (emphasis mine):

In addition...since DO and DK (David Koral - Ed.) are seniors....UCLA is once again in trouble with depth starting in 2006.

Ben Olson needs to be the savior....if he is Patrick Cowan good enough to take over as a redshirt sophomore himself? Is Osaar Rashaan ready as a redshirt freshman?

Seems to me...UCLA is once again going to have QB problems in a couple of years. That's because Karl Dorrell has done a horrible job recruiting for depth at this position. He's also done a horrible job in retaining players.

3 scholarship QB's on the roster is inexcusable. We finally have 5 for 2005 but will be back down to 3 in 2006 unless KD picks one which UCLA will still only be at 4 while most schools have like 5 or 6 constantly.
We have written before on how KD and co. are betting their cards on BO being their savior. And, what if BO doesn't work out? Gulp.

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Anyways, the above referenced poster has more on how KD has failed to address the QB depth concern in Westwood, by putting all of his egg's in the BO basket:

Back in 2002...UCLA had Cory Paus Sr, John Sciarra Jr, Matt Moore, and Drew Olson and Callahan as a walk on. KD passed on a QB in 2003 and you felt that was fine also. Look what happened.

In 2004, yes UCLA got Cowan and Koral but UCLA lost Matt Moore and Sciarra. No gain.

In 2005, yes UCLA got Ben Olson and Osaar Rashaan to finally put 5 QB's on scholarship for UCLA but we are back to down to 3 in 2006. You don't want to rely on a true freshman as your 4th string guy.

Toledo made this same stupid mistake back in 2002. Matt Moore was Toledo's 4th QB option and wanted him to redshirt but in reality Moore was the 3rd option because once we got down to John Sciarra....Toledo made the choice to use Moore as a true freshman.

Now...flash forward to 2006....let's say Ben Olson plays and gets hurt. We go to Cowan and he gets hurt or is ineffective and we go to Rashaan and he gets hurt. So does KD use this 2006 true freshman at QB in effect putting him in the same class as Osaar Rashaan?

I repeat...5 QB's on scholarship EVERY year. If you don' are asking for trouble.

I me a school who consistently carries less than 5 QB's on scholarship which is consistently successful. You won't find one.

Many schools fall into this trap of carrying less QB's than they really should. All of them usually pay a price for not doing so.

It's 5 scholarship QB's with 1 or 2 walk ons. Not 4 with 2 to 3 walk ons. Why do we continue to argue like this DB? The evidence is on my side. Go take a look at USC in past.

Take a look at USC now. They have Leinart, Booty, and only Sanchez now with two walk ons since Rashaan is leaving. Will Sanchez redshirt still? We'll see if this backfires on Carroll and it will be the demise or eventual drop off of USC.
Well ... this is why I cannot wait for the start of the season. So right now KD and co have basically latched on to the hope that DO will magically become a first tier college QB, and stay healthy the whole year, and then BO will come in next year and take over in a seamless transition. It will be smooooooth, with no one getting hurt. Will it work out that way? Will this gamble come back to haunt them? We need answers to all of these questions, and we need them fast.  Because if this grand KD (Carnesale's social) experiment doesn't work out, we need to move on, and hire a real coach soon.