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Networking effects and blogging ...

Lots of good stuff going on.  We are quickly making friends in blogosphere covering college football. In last day or two we have added three new friends in our blogroll: MGoBlog, the Blue-Gray Sky, and Every Day Should be Saturday (ain't that the truth).  They all have returned the favor.  Also added College Football Resource to our blogroll, and we expect they will have BN on their links very soon (considering they have FKD linked on their site as well).  Check them out.  Lots of good posts written by passionate college football fans who love their schools, love the game, and most importantly can talk and write about the game without resorting to the boilerplate nonsense of MSM.

A few words for our regular readers who are now lurking here coming over from the old FKD site. Help us grow. Encourage your fellow Bruin fans and alumni to read our blog and participate in our community. Read our information about how to contact the people who will ultimately be making the decision about whether to fire Karl Dorrell, the worst D-1 coach in America.

Keep in mind, it us - the alumni, the fans, the people who buy the tickets that pay for Karl Dorrell's and Dan Guerrero's salaries. So far the UCLA administration have ignored the reaction of its fans, and declining attendance at the Rose Bowl, at its own peril. Declining attendance and giving will surely affect the review of Dan Guerrero's tenure, as well as Karl Dorrell's.

Since we now have lots of new folks coming over to BruinsNaiton,during the upcoming days, we will keep bringing up the historical perspective on our .500 coach KD, which we posted on FKD.  And, we are going to keep on debunking the talent excuse (among others), and the budget excuse.

So what can we do at this point? We will continue to do what we have been doing. Namely, providing facts and analysis to help counteract the inevitable lack of those elements and endless Circulo/Blindo manic-depressive, passive-aggressive, cognitive dissonance exhibited by those who are bigger supporters of Karl Dorrell than they our of our football program. Facts and objective analyses are like Kryptonite to Circulo and Blindo. Always remember that.

We need you to help this blog grow. If we're ever going to find a Howland for football, we need your help.