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Interesting news on the hoops front ...

This is interesting to me.  Dan Guerrero (DG) gets a pretty key appointment IMO - becoming a member of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Committee.  Here are his duties as a committee member:

-Oversee administration of the championship.

-Serve as primary NCAA committee contact with CBS, NABC and other interested parties to the championship.

-Evaluate teams throughout the season.

-Participate on regional and national conference calls.

-Assist other committee members with the selection of teams and creation of the bracket.

-Assign officials to work during the championship.

-Staff selected championship sites
(emphasis mine)

Okay so I am assuming we are getting automatic invites every year next 5 years, and Pauley (or Staples) will be hosting lots of NCAA regionals. (j/k).  Seriously though, this is good IMO -not just for UCLA, but also good for the Pac-10.

I have not given up on DG yet, even though I am very weary about how he is going to handle the Duhrell situation if he fails to win 9 games this season.  Nonetheless, I still want to have faith in DG considering he after all got us Ben Howland, and I think he is going to be lot more aggressive than Peter Dalis and Tom Hansen, the old school stale Pac-10 officials, when it comes to advocating on behalf of UCLA and west coast hoops at the national level. This makes it interesting - well at least to me.