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Morning (football) notes ...

Maurice and Spencer are getting pre-season national attention:

UCLA running back Maurice Drew has been named to the watch list for the Maxwell Award, given to the country's best player. Linebacker Spencer Havner is on the watch list for the Chuck Bednarik Award, given to the game's best defensive player.
Good for them.  KD will need them to shine if he has any hope of winning 9 football games (we are talking  05, not the next two seasons combined).

Also stumbled into this article on the Rose Bowl.   The folks in Pasadena are regrouping after their city council decided not to pursue bringing in a pro team in the cathedral of college football.  Here are excerpts with UCLA implications:
It has a new 20-year contract with the UCLA Bruins, a happy and stable tenant with a great place to play football. The university needs to get involved with Rose Bowl improvements and maintenance as well.

Proposals to levy ticket surcharges to lessen the reliance on Brookside Golf Course revenue to maintain the Rose Bowl need to be seriously considered. A $3 charge on UCLA tickets and $10 bumps on Rose Bowl Game and BCS tickets add up to the $2 million right away.

Other creative proposals will be forthcoming.

Pasadenans have made it clear that any new plans for the Rose Bowl will be part of a holistic look at the Arroyo Seco, the most popular natural recreation area in inland Southern California.
I am actually glad we are not going to have share that cathedral with some nomad pro team trying to use L. A. to extract better financial deal from their current host city.  There is something distinctly pure about the Rose Bowl, and right now people identify this national icon with two things: New Year's Day, and those blue and gold jerseys flying all over the field on fall Saturdays:

I hope it stays that way, because: IT'S OUR HOUSE