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California's top-100 football recruits (Rivals List)

Here is the list of California's top-100 prospects.  Student Sports National Recruiting Editor Greg Biggins and West Coast Recruiting Analyst Rick Kimbrel (BruinBlitz) compiled it together.  9 Bruin commits are in this top-100, 1 Trojie commit.  But don't feel bad for the Trojies.  They are playing this recruiting game in a different league:

The top 10 doesn't feature any players that have made commitments to at this point. But UCLA does have two pledges from players ranked in top 25 - offensive linemen Andy Keane and Jake Dean, who are ranked 18th and 19th respectively. Overall UCLA has nine commitments in the top 100.

With USC recruiting on such a national front, expect the core of its class to come later, but the Trojans do have a top 25 commitment from offensive lineman Zack Heberer of San Pedro. He is ranked as the No. 21 player in the state.
So it looks like we are putting together a decent class by regional standards. This is nice but we are nowhere close to competing with the big boys (you know Michigan, Texas, Floridas of the world) like we used to during those glory years of Bruin recruiting - which followed the 20 game win streak orchestrated by no. 18.  Dorrell and co. has not exactly lit up Bruin recruiting (which was one of his selling points when he sold himself as a legit head coach to Carny). We are no where close to being a top-10 (or even top-15) national juggernaut in recruiting, which is hard to do when you are just a mediocre 12-13 head coach. But hey ... we are beating Boise St. and Wyomings of the world for our latest recruits. So that's the silver lining - at least we can beat those teams in recruiting!