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Open Season on the MSM ...

Glad to see Heisman Pundit and CFR have decided to join a battle we officially declared back in January. Here is our Odysseus opening fire on MSM on January 13:

We don't like to get political here at FKD, but there is analogy between the Rathergate scandal, on the one hand, and the approach of MSM newspapers and certain websites to UCLA football on the other.

Legacy media, and certain websites that have become a part of it, are used to being listened to simply because they have been around for a long time. At least longer than us.


This is a reality-based community, we're trying to provide a forum for Bruin fans of all types, even if you disagree with us.

The newspapers and television stations aren't going to give it to you straight, and increasingly message boards and such are not going to either. That's what we're here for.
Now Heismanpundit is officially on board:
It's time for college football blogs to unite in 2005 in the same way that political blogs did in 2004.

What was the result last year? Dan Rather--the symbol of mainstream media arrogance--was knocked off his lofty perch.

[...]Therefore, I propose to wipe the slate clean. From here on out, there should be accountability. No more lazy commentary, no more leaning on the conventional wisdom, no more pandering to fan bases.

It's time to tell it like it is. And if you don't really know how it is, then don't pretend you do.

It's time for opinions on college football that are not formed solely by what a coach has to say, or a reporter, or a player.

In other words, it's time for independent knowledge to come to the forefront.

As well as CFR:
If I'm reading him right, with the slate wiped clean, everything from here on out said or written by the prominent writers is fair game and determinant of their standing as either flat earthers, dunderheads, or decent pundits.  This could get ugly.  Everything before is forgotten, what matters is now.


Now, given the widespread diaspora of opinion in the college football blogosphere, this at first seems difficult, but the larger issue is taking to task the baseless and unaccounted for opinions made daily that are heavily influencing the college football public.  In this game truth counts, and so does accountability.  We likey.
It's going to be lot of fun exposing these clueless wankers (Corso and Duke Vitale immediately comes to mind) during the coming months/years.