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Slapping Around the MSM ...

So Heismanpundit and co. kicked off the discussion on MSM's stale, predictable, boilerplate coverage of college football couple days ago.  However, as a long suffering Bruin loyalists, who had to endure seven dark, depressing, and disgraceful years of Steve Lavin, we all know too well how the wankers in the MSM are utterly clueless.  Anyone who remotely followed UCLA basketball closely back in those Lavin days, would have known the reports about Lavin being a selfish, stupid, clueless, arrogant, and  a lazy asshole, who was coming late to work, watching Montel at his office in th afternoon, being totally derelict on the recruiting trail, and was posing as a head coach on the sidelines, while never knowing the difference between man-to-man and zone defense.  Yet you had those "kewl kids" on the Eastern Sports Programming Network such as Katz, Bilas, and the insufferable combination of Vitale and Phelps, who night in and night out were defending Lavin's Steve-16 appearances, and accusing UCLA fans of being unreasonable, spoiled biatches.  Of course, now not a single NCAA D-1 program will touch Lavin with a ten feet pole (despite Vitale's darnest pimping efforts), knowing full well within the AD circuit, what a joker he is.  Anyways ... I will stop there on Lavin.

The main reason I wanted to write this post this morning was to point out to a great post by JD over at UCLA basketball blog on why college basketball is so much better (and fun for us) than the Association. In the process of articulating why college ball is so much more fun to watch and to follow, JD slapped another wanker Skip Bayless.  It's delicious.  And, now it looks like CBS's Greg Doyle has written a column agreeing with JD.  Great example of how independent knowledge (thinking) is bringing some sanity in the world of college sports.  Good for JD and great for the college and Bruin blogosphere.