Bruin Freshmen and Team Report

I showed up with a few Bruin fans at the end of Fey's game so I can't really judge him. From what I heard, he looked like the same Fey we've all come to know. One positive is Fey looks to have lost a lot of weight.

Now in terms of our players.

Jordan Farmar is Jordan Farmar. He's just a great playmaker. His shot wasn't falling but he started to drive to the basket and could overpower the other guards. He is much bigger as well, thanks to the off-season workouts.

Shipp's shot wasn't on like usual, but he was slashing to the basket and being Shipp. He is much bigger as well, and he looks like he's really improved his vertical. I really believe he will be the go to player for UCLA this season. I'm guessing he will lead us in scoring and might be the best player on the court for us.

On to the freshmen ... (after the jump)

Mike Roll really didn't get any minutes in the 1st half. The coach of Sinclair's Bruins isn't too smart with substitutions. Roll then came out in the 2nd half and shot the team back to the lead. He's way bigger than I thought he would be, and much bigger than the last time I saw him. Think of a Stanford player who kills us for four years. That's Mike Roll.

Alfred Aboya might be the crowd favorite in 2005. This guy just brings it. He was blocking shots, setting hard screens, going after every board relentlessly. He is much smoother and comfortable in the post than Mata was coming in as a frosh. He's also built like a tank already. He had a few really nice blocks, and he yelled after the play which gave the crowd (or at least me and my buds) a good laugh and had us pumped up. His hands were suspect though, but it doesn't seem at all like he's another Fey. I was thoroughly impressed with Alfred.

Luc Mbah Moute is a physical beast. This guy might be the gem of the class. He's 6'6 or 6'7 easily and looks like Kobe Bryant or Marcedes Lewis out there. He was playing against the other team's center most of the time who was at least 6'10, but he held his own for the most part. He had a nice jumper and he really went after the boards. I think we're going to be really happy with the Cameroons we signed.

Wright and Collison will be there next week. I am very impressed with the frosh I saw out there. I already know Collison is a major stud. Now I can't wait until next week when I get a chance to see Wright. If Wright is ready physically and mentally, we will have a shot to win the Pac-10 this year because I no longer have faith in the Fellins twins.

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