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Top-10 Unbreakable Sports Record

Of course any such list would not be legit without the inclusion of Coach and our basketball program. Coach checks in at no. 4:

John Wooden's 88 straight wins

Another relic of a bygone era, this record harkens back to when college players stuck around for four years and turned their programs into dynasties. Under the tutelage of the Wizard of Westwood and with Bill Walton leading the way, the UCLA Bruins won 88 straight games -- between two losses to Notre Dame on January 23, 1971 and January 19, 1974 -- a span that included three of the record seven straight NCAA championships won by UCLA from 1967 to 1973.

To get an idea of just how hard these feats are to replicate, reflect on the fact that no team has gone undefeated for even a single season since 1976, and no other school has ever won more than two straight titles.
One nitpicking - this record will never be a "relic" to the BruinsNation.  It will be alive and vibrant in the hearts and minds of every Bruin for rest of our lives.  Few other notables in that list, including the accomplishments of Flash 80 checking in at No. 2. Make sure to check it out.