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We are in the Time Magazine

This is just too cool. If you have been visiting our new blog last few days, you may have noticed at the bottom of our page that we are part of the SB Nation family network.  SB Nation so far has been a baseball centric sportsblog network - but we are now venturing towards college sports, and UCLA, the school of Jackie Robinson and Arthus Ashe, was naturally the perfect choice for its inaugural college blog.

So on to the main point - SB Nation is in Time Magazine as one of the 50 coolest websites for this year:

Home base for nearly two-dozen baseball blogs, most of them devoted to specific teams. There's Lookout Landing (for Seattle Mariners fans), Fish Stripes (about the Florida Marlins) and Amazin' Avenue (Mets), as well as the terrific Beyond the Box Score and John Sickel's Minor League Ball.
Here is the link of that Times Magazine article about "the 50 cooles websites of 2005".  All good stuff.