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Blogpoll Roundtable ?s on National Scene

We are going to start partaking in a blogpoll rountable connecting fanblogs covering college football programs from all the country.  EDSBS has the questions.  And here are our (actually mine for now - if you disagree - comment away!) responses:

1. The most critical game of the season on the national scene? -  I am going to go with Miami at Florida State on September 5.  I think this is the game that will set the tempo. for 05. If Miami wins, I just don't see anyone stopping them (sorry Hokies).  But if FSU wins, everything becomes very interesting.

2. Most critical match up for UCLA in 05?  The game that will really be telling for us is the one against the Cougs at Pullman on October 15.  This is the kind of game Bruins have choked in our recent histories after getting off to a good/solid start - starting that end season slide.  Going into this game, I can see us being 4-1 or (hint for next question's answer) 5-0, and this would be the kind of game where we would face adversity in those God awful rural Pacific Northwest.  We usually lose these games - and it would be a critical test on whether KD's program have developed some sort of winner mentality in his third (show me) year of his program.

3. Wingnut upset? - oh this is sooo obvious.  Bruins will take care of those over-rated Boomers Sooners when they strut into Pasadena on September 17, and promptly melt in the Pasadena heat.  Bruins pull out this early season upset - think back to those UCLA - Michigan, UCLA - Alabama games at the Rose Bowl in 2000. And after this happens UCLA beating SC won't be an upset.  In fact we are expecting that if KD wants to keep his job in Westwood.
Again, if you disagree as a Bruin fan, fire away your comments in the comment section.