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Congratulations Dijon

Congrats to Dijon for the "most exciting event" in his life:

Being selected in the NBA Draft is the moment of a lifetime for many players. However, it was not even the most exciting event of new Suns swingman Dijon Thompson's month. The 6-7 California native graduated from UCLA on June 19 with a degree in history a little over a week before the Knicks took him with the 54th overall pick on Tuesday and traded him to the Suns.

"I think whatever happened with the draft, my parents were extremely proud of me," Thompson told on Wednesday. "They stressed education. They wanted me to get the degree and not have to go back, so they were extremely happy. Regardless of what happened with the league, they were going to be happy.

"Getting (acquired by) an organization like the Phoenix Suns is just icing on the cake as far as my accomplishments in the summer of 2005."
Here is Dijon last Sunday enjoying his BRUIN graduation day with his Dad, Melvin Drone (left), sis. Sharrae Evans and Mom Ingrid Drone (right). He got his degree in history, and UCLA of course has one of the best history departments in the country:

Now that's we called around here as BRUIN PRIDE. Dijon, again is leaving UCLA as one of our favorite Bruins of all time.