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Page on Thorpe Award Watch List

Page joins Havener and Lewis as high profile Bruins, who are going to be watched very closely for prestigious post-season honors.  Page gets tabbed to be on the Thorpe Award Watch list.

Our esteemed colleagues from the TrojanHatersClub, call out the East Coast voters about this:

Paging East Coast voters...

Stay up late to watch the West Coast games, so you can see just how good Jarrad Page is. UCLA's Baseball and Football Star was named yesterday to the Preseason watch list for the Jim Thorpe Award, which goes to the Country's best Defensive Back.

As the Bruins turn the page on a tough season and try to re-establish themselves as a Pac-10 power, Jarrad will be a crucial element for success. Strong Safety Page, and the other d-backs, will have to be STUDS in single coverage -- That is the only way that the Bruins will be able to get enough guys in the box to stop the run. If Page and the other DB's need too much help in the secondary, then the Bruins will NOT be able to stop Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush and the other Running Backs whom they face this year.
Page, London, Havner - they all will have to step up or be inspired and (cough) coached to step up, if the Bruins want to win 9 games and beat SC this year.  Let's hope we get it done.