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Must Win NINE

We have already written about how this season in our eyes is put up or shut time for our boywonder coach Karl Dorrell.  Plain and simple he MUST WIN 9 REGULAR SEASON GAMES (including a win over SC), or get out of Westwood.  And we actually think we are being easy on the 3rd year coach with less than mediocre 12-13 record.

His own supporters are not in the mood for any excuses, and we are also reading comments like this one, laying out how winning 9 games alone may not be enough indication that Bruin football has turned the corner under Dorrell:

I'm not sold on KD even if UCLA wins 9 games in 2005. It all depends on who we win with. If it was under Drew Olson where things finally clicked for him...then that doesn't convince me a brand new QB under KD's complex system that he wants to run is going to be able to keep winning.

Marcedes Lewis is a senior. We have 3 senior linebackers. The O line will have potentially 3 seniors on it in McCloskey, Blanton, and Cleary.

If UCLA does well in 2005...I'm pretty sure Junior Taylor will have been a big part too. He's gone after this year also.

What if in 2006...UCLA comes back down to 6-6 or 7-5. I won't be convinced of KD if that happens. KD's offense needs to run in an efficient manner each year no matter who is QB. Then it hits a super level when those guys are finally seniors.

Accordingly...we can then expect like 12-0 seasons followed by a "down" year of 8-4 and then come back with 9-3 or 10-2 followed again by like 11-1 or 12-0.

Seems to me Dan Guerrerro thinks 9-3 is a great year and we'll normally have 6-6 seasons and 7-5 and peak at 10-2 at best.
Strong take that's for sure.

But what are your thoughts?  How many games do you think Dorrell needs to win next season to keep his job?  8? 9?  Do these wins must include a win over those Trojies from crosstown?  Take our poll posted on the right side of our blog, and let us know your opinions and thoughts.  Let's see if we can build a consensus here at BN.