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Dijon & the Bruin Family

Dijon is everywhere now.  ESPN's Page 3 has a great interview with the former Bruin.  Here is a sample of questions zoning in on the network of Bruin family connecting all the alums in the NBA:

4. With Baron Davis turning around the Warriors and Reggie Miller retiring, ex-Bruin players have gotten a lot of press lately. Do you keep in close contact with the network of Bruins around the NBA?

Thompson:Oh yeah, definitely, especially Baron. I work out with him on a consistent basis. And Earl Watson and Jelani McCoy, Dan Gadzuric - quite a bit. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity every summer to come back and play against a lot of pros and fellow Bruin family players. And like Baron, off the court, he's teaching me how to be a businessman. Being a Bruin and being here [in L.A.] really teaches you a lot.


11. Now, along with your father, you list former NBA player Mitchell Butler [now working in the Wizards' organization] as a major influence in your life. How did you become close with him?

Thompson:I remember [meeting him at] my freshman summer program before I even got really into UCLA. I was right out of high school and I went to the men's gym and he picked me up on one of the teams. He was with the vets. So I played with him and ever since then, he's been coaching me and giving me advice. He's been telling his organization about me, as far as how fundamentally sound I am. He's been there for me, just giving me advice. He's doing a great job.
Really cool read.  Make sure to read the whole interview. Dijon is representing us well.