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Drew Olson Stepping Up ...

Right now we have an online poll going concerning who you all think should be our starting QB next season.  Well from the initial votes, it looks like a dead heat tied between our two Olsons - Drew and Ben.  However, this morning's OC Register article tells us that Drew is ready to come back, stronger and more focused:

LOS ANGELES Football players are familiar, to some degree, with the anterior cruciate ligament and the implications of a major injury to it.

The surgery, the time away and the time lost.

So in January, when it was announced UCLA quarterback Drew Olson was to have surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament and damaged medial collateral ligament in his left knee, wide out Junior Taylor could not get away from one nagging question.

"What's going to happen now?" Taylor said. "I didn't think I was going to see him again ... I didn't think there would be any chance of him being ready for this season."

But on Thursday, the six-month anniversary of his surgery, Olson was at Spaulding Field working with the Bruins in 7-on-7 drills, dropping back, moving around and throwing the football. And when the Bruins open fall camp on Aug. 8, the senior quarterback is expected to be cleared by the UCLA medical staff to participate fully in practices.
Hey this is good news.  We need a healthy DO. The article also echoed the clear expectations we are setting for Karl Dorrell going into this season (emphasis ours):
The implications of that are significant for the Bruins and Coach Karl Dorrell, who in his third season at UCLA will be expected to produce a record much better than the 6-7 and 6-6 marks and minor bowl losses in his first two seasons.
7 wins or 8 wins of course are not "much better" than 6 win seasons.  So clearly Kuwada is setting the expectations baseline at 9 wins.

Lastly, the article ends with all the typical preseason fluff of Drew and co. getting stronger, better focus, and a different outlook:
UCLA strength and conditioning coach Doc Kreis said he has noticed a difference in Olson this year, post-surgery, from the past two years.

His teammates have, as well.

"He's raised some eyebrows around here," Taylor said. "I have seen some guys who have had the same type of injuries and even injuries that are less severe not even running and doing some of the stuff he's doing already."

Olson has trimmed down some and worked to strengthen his arm. Perhaps most important, he has gained a focus that before was not always evident.

"I think a little bit is your senior year. I think a little is the unsuccessful seasons that we've had. I think it's the last chance that we have to make our mark on this program," Olson said.

"But still all those things can't motivate you in the way that I feel right now coming out of this (surgery) and feeling the way I do now. Even being a senior, I don't know that I would have felt like this if I was 100 percent, you know, through this whole spring and everything.

"I think I have a different outlook on everything. There's so much focus on playing this game, playing it the right way and how I prepare, how I study. ... I think if I were still in a brace right now, limping around, I'd be totally different.
Hey we are happy for DO.  We love the kid.  Let's just hope his head coach is competent enough to use his dedication, passion, enthusiasm, energy, leadership, and experience as a three year starter into 9 wins.  Because if he can't, he will need to go.