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Hoops Unrest in Pacific Northwest?

Something is definitely in the air.  Oregon boards are gloomy, but we are seeing ominous posts on the Huskies board (they are always tuned into the Ducks) about Few and the Ducks. And now we are seeing posts on the Gonzaga boards about Bulldogs fans bracing themselves for something big.

Sucks to be all those schools going through so much uncertainty I guess. As for us, we got no major worries in hoops.  Our incoming frosh are looking sweet, our returning sophs. are getting better. We CANNOT WAIT to get started with our season.  The foundation of Howland's basketball program is only getting stronger, while a number of the West Coast basketball programs from the Northwest, that came into prominence during last few years due in part to Lavin's negligence at UCLA, are going through doldrums. Let's just sit back and enjoy the show.  It's fun to watch all this unfold, as we are enjoying a methodical, deliberate resurgence of a finally stable Bruin basketball program under Coach Howland.