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Basketball Notes ...

Aboya gets arthroscopic surgery, but looks like he is going to be ready by the time practice for season starts on Oct. 14:

UCLA basketball freshman Alfred Aboya (6-foot-8, 242 pounds) underwent right-knee arthroscopic surgery at the UCLA/Santa Monica Medical Center.

Aboya, from Cameroon via Tilton, N.H., Prep Academy, faces 4-6 weeks of rehabilitation. He should be ready for Bruins practice when it opens Oct. 14.
Staying on health notes, Daily Bruin has an article on how Ryan Hollins is now 100 percent healthy after his surgery.  Also, following up on our BruinStudent's great report from the SayNo game, the DB also has a nice profile on Collison, including this shot of DC:

Photo: Mike Winters, Daily Bruin Senior Staff

Man ... we are going to have a killer backcourt this year.  Exciting stuff.  Go Bruins.