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Blog Roundtable Responses

UPDATED: Brain cramp re. McCloskey. Was looking at the official site and clicked on the 2004 roster which lists McCloskey as RS Senior. Hence the mistake. My bad. Also got a better suggestion on the rapper question.

So the BlogRoundTable is up again, this time at StraightBangin'.  Here are the questions and our responses:

Which unheralded player on your team will be the hardest to replace? Which seemingly inconsequential player could make the biggest impact?I think the kid we are really going to miss this year is Steven Vieira, the Senior guard from last year who was one of the key anchors of our much maligned OL at C last few years. In terms of an "inconsequential player" who could make the biggest impact ... I think the easy pick could be Joe Cowan at WR, who may step up big time as that proverbial "possession receiver," and give us some much needed balance to the sheer athleticism of Marcedes and Junior Taylor (for the love of Gawd ... please step up this year JT).  But the other kid to keep an eye on IMHO is Chris Horton at safety ... Chad in few times he was on the field last year looked great in relief of Ben Emanuel, the highly regarded safety from Tejas, whose career was a disappointment at UCLA.

Which regular-season game that won't feature your team would you pay the most money to see this season? Why?This one is too easy for me.  My roomate is from Ohio ... his entire family went to Ohio State ... they all will be tailgating at the Horseshoe - and I may be there joining them as well.  This game has been makred on our refrigerator calendar even before the Buckeyes finished their season last year.  I will be watching and drinking

Bonus: From Brent of the theoretically archetypical ParadigmBlog --Which rivalry game would you most like to attend?Ohio State v. Michigian.  See my response to the question above.  Plus Michigan was my second choice, while applying for college.  Got in there, but opted for the sundresses in Westwood over the winter coat covered pasty thighs of Ann Arbor.  Regardles ... two great schools ... great fans ... lots of beers, midwestern barbecues ... and classic Rose Bowl history ... would love to be there some day

If your team were a rapper, who would it be and why?Jesus, I have no clue here.  Can anyone help me out? I intially thought of Coolio because of his love for UCLA. But Odyssesus came up with a better answer - Nelly. Nelly is fun, has some popular music, but in the end no one will remember him and no one's afraid of him. Plus the band-aid he wears symbolizes the injury excuse that Blindos (Dorrell Lovers) will surely use at some point.
Comment away if you disagree.  Let me know how I screwed up. Go Bruins.