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Top College (Fantasy Football) Gun Slingers ...

CFN has a posted a list of top-50 college football gunslingers for those who are interested in fantasy football.  A number of Pac-10 QBs are on the list, which of course includes Alyssa Millano's boy toy. Here are the Pac-10 QBs rankings in this list:

8. Matt Leinart, USC Sr.
19. Joseph Ayoob, California Jr.
22. Sam Keller, Arizona State Jr.
45. Trent Edwards, Stanford Jr.  
50. Josh Swogger, Washington State Jr.
So our DO, despite being one of the best high school QB recruits in the nation, doesn't even crack the top-50 after two years of "coaching" under Dorrell?  Would he have made this list if UCLA had hired ... say someone like Urban Myer (who was still at BG back in 02) or Walt Harris or waited for the NFL playoffs to be over and talk to Steve Mariucci?  Oh well.