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KD doesn't make CNNSI's "dark horse" list ...

Wow our last thread really blew up!  Lot of discussion back and worth on whether KD is really one of the worst coaches in the Pac-10, and whether CFN's prediction of him producing a third consecutive 6 win season has any merit. Time will tell the story I guess, although that 12-13 record is certainly not on KD's side.  So, CNNSI has an article out today.  Their college football guru Stewart Mandle chimes in on who are going to be the dark horses in their respective conferences, sneaking up on the favorites.  KD doesn't make the list:

Pac-10: I suppose any team other than USC is considered a dark horse, but we'll put Cal and Arizona State in the "obvious" category as well. My dark horse: Oregon.  The Ducks, who will be changing to a Utah-like offensive scheme this year, have experience at quarterback (Kellen Clemens), tailback and receiver in addition to a strong D-line. Oregon hosts the Trojans in Eugene on Sept. 24, perhaps just early enough to catch them before they hit full stride (USC lost to Cal and barely survived Stanford in their past two Pac-10 openers).
I guess Mandle is more bullish on Bellotti then some Bruin fans .  We will see.  All we know is that KD must produce a 9 win season or resign or get the heck out of Westwood.