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Aaaargh! Apologies for the Server Issues

Guys -I am sure you have been noticing the site has been having some issues since Thursday as it has been up and down. On Thursday, one of the servers hosting the entire SBNation network went down. Our tech guys seemed to have fixed the problem and we were up and running by late Friday.  But this time during the weekend, both servers were down, explaning why we we were knocked out for so long. We are up and running now.

Jeremy our tech guru is contacting our hosting company to figure out why this happened twice in a matter of two days.  But please keep in mind, servers do go down all the time.  Even blogger and blogspot and other places like that have the occasional server problems. We just need to get to the root problem of why this happened with us twice.

As soon as I get more explanation on what Jeremy finds out, I will let you guys know.  Thanks for your patience guys. Go Bruins.